Chemicals for Oil Field and Petrochemicals

Our strong products for Petroleum and Petrochemical field are Fuel and Lubricant Additives for both automotive and industrial lube oil including metal working fluid, Refinery Additives, Liquid Dye for fuel, lube oil and grease, Specialty Base Oil and Flame Retardant for Petrochemical industry, etc. Which consist of ;
Fuel and Lubricant Additives
• Fuel Additive :
– Antioxidants
Lubricant Additives
• Crankcase Additives :
Driveline Additives
• Gear
• Tractor
Industrial Additives
• Hydraulic
• Industrial Gear
• Air Compressor
• Turbine
• Slide way
• Metalworking
• Component Additives
Brake Fluids
Liquid Dyes and Marker for Petroleum Applications
• “Automate” Liquid Dyes
• Markers for Diesel Fuels
Flame Retardants
Antimony Oxide for
• Plastics, Textiles, Paper, Paints and Rubber