Oleo Chemicals

This is a business of Industrial Organic Chemicals. The products under these are categorized as Oleochemicals. The product is fractionated and straight distilled fatty acids; their esters; metallic soaps; surfactants and triglycerides. We are also dealing in more than 70 different formulated products.
Now available, a wide variety of superior Fatty Acids their Metallic Soaps and Esters produced entirely in Thailand at our manufacturing facility in Navanakorn Industrial Estate. Our products have won widespread international quality acceptance and the highest standard is assured for both local and export markets. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV NORD. We can be your dependable source of Quality Oleochemicals. We can make Customer Specified Products.
Our Fatty Acids (Stearic Acid; Oleic Acid; Distilled Tallow Fatty Acid; Distilled Palm Fatty Acid; Distilled Coconut Fatty Acid; Soap Grade Fatty Acid; Soyabean Fatty Acid etc.) their Metallic Soaps and Esters are used for Rubber (Tires; Elastomers and Rubber Parts); Plastic; Cosmetic; Candle; Calcium Carbonate; Water proof Cements; Grease & Lubricants; Petrochemicals; Chemical Auxiliaries for Textile; Cleaning Compounds; Agriculture; Animal Feed; Soap; Detergents; Surfactants; Compounding; Mining; Alkyd Resin manufacturing and other industry.

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